... for paper impregnation & wood composite industry

Our history

Syntex GmbH (Ltd.) was founded in 2010.

This was in context with a generation transfer of "ChemoCell H.S. Neumann" a familar related, traditional company in paper impregnating business. 

So the industrial and practical experience in chemical engineering goes back almost 40 years.

While the company ChemoCell initially continued to serve its core business, SYNTEX GmbH expanded its portfolio and customer base. The focus was also on improving specialty goods and a future-oriented customer support

SYNTEX brought additional knowledge from surface finishing and top management positions in the binder, paint and decorative wood-composite industry. The extensive internal know-how allows us to accompany the entire path from the supply of raw materials to the final application of our auxiliary materials.

At the turn of the year 2017/2018 ChemoCell has now also transferred all remaining administrative tasks to SYNTEX GmbH. With this, the project is virtually complete and we have become bigger again

We produce meanwhile approx. 3000 tons of chemical additives itself per year! And what fits the portfolio, but is not perfectly feasible in terms of production, is traded

We would like to continue to grow at your side