... for paper impregnation & wood composite industry

Activities & our way of working

SYNTEX invests its power in: 

  • creative & innovative product development
  • high-quality production
  • fast administration service
  • reliable maintanance of partnerships
  • demand-oriented application support without frills

We only appear occasionally at trade fairs, congresses and other tea parties. We prefer to put all costs for this into our attractive prices for the benefit of our customers!

Others can play the drums! We are coming along quietly and energetically.

Our pragmatic approach is therefore:

  • we like to come when there is something to do!
  • we tackle chemical-technical solutions together with you!
  • we deliver reliable chemistry
  • we avoid too frequent, in the long run also disturbing decency visits without reason!
  • we rely on the willingness of customers and interested parties to proactively respond!

May be we are a litte different but the success proves us right. The way we regularly gain new contacts through recommendations and the word of mouth alone ….

and this is now worldwide!

In addition to Germany we also deliver continuously to Great Britain. Scandinavia, Poland, Russia, Austria, Benelux and South-East Europe as well as the USA and other overseas countries.

We invite you to take this advantageous way of cooperation with us!